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    About Arab shipping

Since company establishment on 1997, it has attributed the growth to guarantee the remarkable efficient form to initiate its efforts to our clients within the unrivaled quality services in all areas of Shipping Industry & to the related logistics services as well.
In coping with the major international and local changes in the shipping and port industries are undergone, we have tailored our activities & personnel ahead to meet the criteria and demands of the international Shipping market.
Throughout the last years, with our well-established, confident and excellent relationships have succeeded in maintaining our efficiency to secure our principals’ interests. These combined aspects made our operation’s timetable punctual, economically feasible and customer oriented.

In choosing ASTG to perform your business allover the Egyptian ports, you will surely gain the maximum benefits from our wide range of experience and professionalism
  Our Mission :



Is to provide our Clients with the highest standards quality & professional shipping and logistics services, assuring that it will not be the quality factor only is achieved but also highly competitive rates in order to maximize their objectives.

  Our Vision :

Is to uphold our prime position in Egypt’s Maritime Industry and use influential connections, local knowledge and experience to expand our services to our Principals without whom we could never realize either our Mission or Vision.

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